Futurists’ effort “War is Yesterday” inspires “Blacksheep Army.”


Apparently, Brooklyn’s been sleeping on a gem.  Neo-psychedelic dream pop outfit Futurist has been creating and inspiring quite a collection of rich art across a variety of platforms.  Heart felt song writing underneath a cosmos of real instrumental sound with a touch of avant-garde digitalism make Futurist seem a likely voice in tomorrows’ scene, no pun intended.

Citing likely influences for Futurist, things get eclectic; everything from early Flaming Lips to MGMT to Built to Spill and the Arcade Fire shine through editor/ imaginer/singer Curtis Peels’ vocals in the midst of a sonic spectrum reminiscent of Radiohead and even The Shins.  This band feels like a fresh mix of all the classic elements of folk and rock music.

The latest from Futurist, “War is Yesterday” is the first full length available for download from the bands bandcamp site. “War is Yesterday” is a polished, obviously well adorned project that I couldn’t stop listening to.  The folks in Futurist seem to have some  definitive edge to their experimentation, and it’s well displayed across this album and their newest video, “Blacksheep Army.

“War is Yesterday” is full of one liners that get stuck in your mind. One of the things I first noticed when checking out this band was how little play they had with their media on sources like youtube and reverbnation.  I think it’s possible that Futurist’ multimedia creations grow to become very key in identifying a scene within indie in the digital age.  So, “Wake up man…”

Bands official site- www.futuristnow.net

Blacksheep Army

“Blacksheep Army” – youtube.com


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